economic sustainability


Quality awareness is our credo and contributes to the long-term security of the company.

Our employees are constantly trained, because technology does not stand still. Especially in our industry this is of high importance. But not all employees can go to all training courses, which led us to introduce an internal knowledge transfer in 2015.

In order to create integrated solutions for our customers and to avoid error-prone interfaces, we expanded our portfolio in 2014 with the construction of control cabinets and plant cabling.

The implemented new construction of the company building, which went over the stage in 2017, lets us act as a total contractor. The created resources made the expansion of our portfolio in the field of complete automation applications including completion of mechanical components and related development of high-tech applications with robotics and industrial image processing including connection to the process and data world possible.


In order to translate our high innovation potential into marketable innovations, we work closely with research and development companies, network with other companies in various consortia and maintain a constant dialog with customers and end users.


Due to our innovations and order situation, we are constantly looking for new employees.