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quality management

Quality management is our principle contributing to our long-term company security.

Because the technology constantly changes our employees are being trained constantly. This is especially important in our industry. But not all employees can participate in all trainings, which led us to introduce an internal knowledge transfer in 2015.

In 2014, we expanded our portfolio with the construction of control cabinets and structure cabling creating solutions for our customers and avoiding faulty interfaces.

The new constuction of the company building, was built in 2017, will allow us to act as a general contractor. Through the resources created, our portfolio has expanded in the field of complete automation applications, including the completion of mechanical components and the associated development of high-tech applications with robotics and industrial image processing, including integration into the process and data world including connection to the process and data world.


In order to implement our high potential for innovation in marketable innovations, we work closely with research and development companies, network with different companies in various consortia and are in constant dialog with our costumers and end costumers

continious growth

Through our innovations and order situation, we are constantly looking for new employees.