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  • Pöttinger Retrofit Automation X

    User-guided powder-coating facility:
    Image information is dynamically distributed on multiple screens for current orders and helps the operator to set product-specific steps. This visualization program communicates with the machine to track the position of each contract and the work preparation program to
    be able to output the current job information.


  • Automatic Crane woodwork

    Indoor crane:
    SPS controls were implemented for the indoor crane, for storage and retrieval of wooden pallets from storage areas and/or production lines.


  • Software changes Crane KR330

    Programming of the industrial 40t:
    Shutdown, message displays, handling regulations and the grip of the forceps were implemented.


  • IBN-Sinamics S120 Stacker cranes 

    Programming different stacker cranes.


  • Double mill 

    A Double mill is wired and programmed for the machining of precast walls (their milling heads simultaneously grip from both sides of the wall).  These millings are necessary to recess cabling, lightning protection, heating niches, or for the production of special window forms.


  • Wall manufacturing plant

    Wall manufacturing plant:
    A machine was designed with the customer for the manufacturing of precast brick walls. We took over all activities from electrical engineering, switch cabinet construction, wiring, up to the visualization and system programming.

    The biggest challenge while producing this system prototype was being able to coordinate between the various subcontractors


  • Montage-RT-Robot

    Modernization-Processing station:
    An employee work sitting at a rotary table laying insert nuts out of a chute is being replaced by a robot the insert nuts are also separated through vibration rails.


  • Retrofit

    Production plant modernization:
    due to a very critical time schedule, in addition to meticulous preparation of the modernization were also responsible for the design of the electrical components, engines and transmissions All work conducted by us is under constant coordination with the customer; such as project planning, electrical planning, material procurement, switch cabinets, cabling, Programming, WinCC visualization system and commissioning.


  • Software extension

    Motorsport industry renovations:
    Pneumatic pumps were converted to electric pumps.  


  • Battery/Charge/Management-System 

    Programming battery charge management systems:
    In order to ensure uniform utilization of the charging stations and the batteries operating hours, a battery management system was developed together with the customer for forklift batteries. Creating a uniform use of the batteries and charging stations,
    which are distributed throughout the plant (i.e.: due to overheating). Thus, the closest stations are not always being approached, but a defined station. There are visualization stations where the respective battery type is displayed. Also, an evaluation is provided, which outputs statistical data.
    This includes charging cycles of the battery / charging station, charging time, discharge time and much more.


  • Impregnation Plant

    Programming of a system with potentially critical components for the winter sports industry:
    Programming for manufacturing of ski production plant. A SPS from B & R with Safety functions was used.
    Also, visualization was created. The concept was developed together with the customer.
    We carried out the electrical planning, the switch cabinets and ventilation equipment and components were supplied.
    Interfaces were implemented via Profibus to the external plant parts and a connection to Zenon as well as links to a central fire alarm system.   


  • Building Management System

    Building control via WinCC for a manufacturing company in the food industry: Lighting control, shading, heating, as well as the load shedding concept was developed and implemented for a new plant. (Comprehensive visualization of the components such as valves, sensors, actuators, etc.)  


  • Robotics Russia 10/02733

    Combustion chamber machining in cylinder heads:
    A plant for the processing of cast cylinder heads and the handling with ABB robots was programmed.
    The cylinder heads are freed from the molding sand at various stations; the gates as well as the combustion chamber are machined by means of a circular and band saw. The robots manipulate the parts to the various stations up to the end.
    Also, the safety technology was implemented!


  • Slovakia Casting Machine 

    Extension of an aluminum casting plant:
    The SPS program was expanded with 2 interfaces to rotary kilns, new rotating casting machine and an interface to a further casting robot. The existing robot (core setting, casting robot) and the additional robots were fitted into the system concept and taught accordingly. ABB robots have been used. The new casting robot is located on an axis with the existing casting robot, which had to be extended.


  • Profibus measurement in the Tauern tunnel

    Profibus measurement in Tunnels:
    A Profibus measurement was performed according to our offer.
    Read more here: Link


  • Commissioning new Derivative Gluing Station

    CFK Production:
    A cycle time optimization for CFRP production (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) was conducted.


  • Volvo Drum Cell Exchange Machine

    New interface with a CNC system for a robot handling.


  • Volvo-Disk Cell

    Robot cell for pin marking including an eddy current inspection:
    Robot handling for labeling with the individual pin through a dot-matrix printer
    was implemented. Subsequently, the components of an eddy current testing were undergone.


  • Building Management System of a Robot Cell

    Machining cell with a robot for the loading of 2 machining centers:
    Components Stands are inserted by a robot for processing (multi-level processing) between 2 machining centers (40-50 machining spindles). A Robot then places these parts for cooling into a component store, which functions on a first in first out principle.
    After these components are machine finished, these are placed on a discharge conveyor.